How long has the party been going?

What sort of children attend?

The Special Children's Christmas Parties have been running in New Zealand for over 15 years. Each year our events get bigger and better with new and exciting entertainment and toys for the children. Our events are now regarded as the biggest events of their kind in New Zealand for special needs children.

We work closely with hundreds of charities, schools, community groups and government organisations throughout New Zealand to select these special children. The children invited are children who suffer from one of the following: life threatening illness, physical and intellectual impairment, domestic violence, or living in underprivileged circumstances.

Where do you source the children from?

I have children that are eligible to attend the party, where can I find out more information?

We contact hundreds of schools, government and charitable organisations throughout New Zealand who deal with these children on a daily or weekly basis. For example special needs schools, special education units, leukaemia foundation, cancer society, IHC, cerebral palsy league, women's refuges, department of families and shelters and many, many more organisations that deal with special needs children. Due to the privacy act, we are not allowed to know the names of children who attend, so we rely on the department heads of organisations such as these to submit children in their care. Please contact us and we can advise you of all the organisations who we deal with. Perhaps you know of an organisation that hasn't been invited to submit their children before.

How can I support?

Can I volunteer at the event?

Please contact us and talk with one of our team member’s to discuss how you can sponsor the event. We usually reserve our volunteer spots to those companies and organisations who have sponsored the events as we are limited on how many volunteers can attend. Please contact us and talk with one of our team members on how you can assist.

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